My Faith Journey

Atlanta's Art
"Harmony" by Atlanta Marie Carrera 

HOW IT BEGAN... I first started painting for family and friends. My paintings are based on places we have been or things that are special to us. I enjoy painting because the possibilities are endless. My favorite way to paint is to create a scene by joining images from several photos I’ve taken. I love adding little details into my paintings that have a hidden meaning beyond the obvious.

EXPLORING EMOTION... In combining my art with my poetry, I discovered a new way to explore emotions and merge them in my work. Blending together key elements into one painting is like piecing together a puzzle to express a story. My goal is to visually guide the reader to experience a deeper meaning.
ART WITH A PURPOSE... By using my paintings and poetry for fundraising efforts, I have found a new purpose for my art. I call it “My Faith Journey.” My message is, “Follow your heart ...wherever it leads.” I love to hear stories of how my work has inspired others.